Organic Skincare Products For Men and Women

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All of our products are handmade with love, we use natural and organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals are used in the making of our products. ********** Our creams are Shea butter based and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised all day long. This cream is perfect for those who have dry skin and those who have been trying to find a cream that nourishes. Our creams are lightweight and dissolves right into the skin. The scent is long lasting and is sure to get you hooked. With this cream a little goes a long way, leaving you more to enjoy!! Our creams are scented with natural organic oils which are pleasant for the skin. Our scrubs can be used all over the body. YES, that means even your FEET!!! If you are looking for a scrub that will leave you moisturised in and out of the shower...… THIS IS IT!!!!! Men, enjoy a beard balm that allows you to use a little that coats a mass area, a balm that nourishes your skin and beard hair. Finally, our bath salt will leave your body feeling relaxed with all of it’s goodness.

Mens’ Solomon kit contains: (Frankincense, Myrrh & Lemon scent) • 2 oz body cream • 2 oz full body exfoliating scrub • 2 oz body soap • .5ml beard balm   Women’s Susanna kit contains: (Black Fig, Honey & Jasmine scent) • 2 oz body cream • 2 oz full body exfoliating scrub • 2 oz body soap • 2 x 60ml relaxation bath salts   We have carefully handpicked ingredients that have major benefits to your skin. Go and check out our Etsy store to see a full list of ingredients used...

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