How To Post A New Listing 

Step 1: On theBBplug homepage, click on “Submit New Listing”.

Step 2: Choose “Standard” or “Business” package.

Step 3: Fill out your information and customize as you wish. Once finished, click on “Submit” at the bottom.

Step 4: Inside of the “Invoice Payment” box (pictured below), click on “Subscribe” to submit your payment. 

Step 5: Pay using PayPal or credit/debit card. Your listing will be posted after this step!


The $1.00 package is the standard package for listers who have just one business they want to post. ( i.e.,a hair salon) .
The $2.00 package is the business package for people who have more than one type of business they want to post ( I.e., a hair salon and a cleaning business).
With the $2.00 package, you can list up to 10 businesses.
The $3.00 package is the Premium package. When you sign up through this package, your listing will be displayed at the top of every page. It will also be pushed to the top of your category.