TheBBplug is for black-owned products and/or services. With that being said, it is understood that certain products used can come from a much bigger company that may not be black-owned but, the service provided with these products is, in fact, black-owned.

For instance, if you are a videographer, it is understood that the camera equipment you may use is not a from a black-owned camera company. However, the service you provide is indeed a black-owned service, because you are the one doing the servicing.

Same goes for people who have their own boutiques but get their items wholesaled from, perhaps, a much bigger Asian company. Those products are not necessarily from a black-owned company but the service provided with these products now makes it a black-owned company.

And finally, if you are a part of a multi-level marketing company, such as Herbalife, you may get your products from Herbalife but the service that you offer is your own. So, a black Herbalife coach or any black individual offering a product or service from any company is considered black entrepreneurship according to theBBplug rules.

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